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Book printer: China Printing overcapacity dilemma

                                                                                                                                                                                              2013-7-1  8:48:48
In 2011 the number of Chinese printing industry enterprises above Designated Size to 3378 excess capacity is mainly caused by technical progress, "the last book, no matter how design are flat, multimedia terminal now so developed, can be made into text, image, video and so on, into a software, printing factory can do".

Packaging printing industry is also not too bad. "Although higher than publishing printed matter rate of profit, but not every enterprise high, competition is very fierce, the industry chain will face adjustment." He said.

This view has been more industry recognition: packaging printing enterprise cost to walk on, profit rate of relative decline, simple production and processing service profit more low, this is the basic trend of the industry as a whole.

"The printing and packaging industry market is very mature, highly competitive industry, a market of printing products, service quality and environmental protection, social responsibility and higher demands, on the other hand, because of the labor costs are rising rapidly, raw materials and other factors, and the powerful Multi-National Corporation to seize the market."

Excess capacity, the printing industry profit margins decline, increasing output without increasing become a true portrayal of many enterprises.

Concerned personage Print China also indicated to the newspaper, the printing industry in general downturn, many printing companies have slowly transition, "although many enterprise printing industry is the main income, but not to print as a support, may go to the real estate industry".

Book printer is one of the representative. It is reported, in the printing industry as the main industry, started as early as 2010 the industrial structure adjustment, the real estate project is also listed as one of the industry, the formation of printing and the real estate industry of two big pillar pattern. (PYS Printing)


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